Wisdom of Voice

Wisdom of Voice Session

Welcome to a safe and nurturing space for healing and self-expression. I am here to support and accompany you on your journey of trauma recovery, using the profound power of vocal sounds. My role is to help you embrace the aspects of yourself that yearn to be heard, seen, and deeply acknowledged. At your own pace, this process will enable you to reconnect with your authentic self, fostering a sense of safety and trust in your inner voice.

In a session, we start with a short consultation to find out which difficulties or issues you like to focus on. Together, we explore what needs to be released and where it is held in the body. The sessions can be either active or passive. 


During a passive session you lay down comfortably and I tune into the energy of your body. I will then release layer by layer the blocked energy with my voice.


In an active session, you can use your own voice to release blocked energies. I support you with my voice and guide you to be open for your own inner wisdom. I encourage you to use your unique healing voice, where every sound is needed.

Releasing energy blocks with human voice creates often dissonant sounds. When the energy blocks dissolve and the energy starts to flow again the sounds will change into harmonious ones. Now the body will be filled with these healing sounds that help to integrate the new energy patterns affecting every cell. This will induce regeneration and balance.


There’s no need for any singing ability or a pleasant voice. This process is about authentic expression, not performance.

I also often integrate elements of family constellation work into the session as a great supporting element.


At the end of each session, we take time to reflect on your experience. Many clients report feeling a greater sense of inner peace, a deeper connection to their Self, and valuable insights that emerge from the process.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are the energy centres of our body and the sensory organs of our soul. A chakra balancing session helps to balance body, mind and soul, brings inner regeneration and harmony. It also strengthens the immune system and activates the powers of self-healing. For the session, I use a combination of intuitive healing, vocal sounds and healing hands.

Vocal Sound Bath

If you have the longing of treating yourself with soothing and comforting feelings, enjoy the effects of this deeply relaxing and harmonising sound bath. I will sound intuitively to body parts which I sense need relaxation the most, but also to the body as a whole. The vocal sound bath is also a way to gently get in contact with voice healing work.  

Healing via Skype

I offer most sessions via Skype. It works on the premise that everything is connected by energy; thus distance is unimportant. Long distance healing is just as effective in my experience as healing sessions face to face and I love both equally.