You need support to stay relaxed and centered in daily life? Do you want to grow into your powerful self? Maybe you have an issue that needs healing and support to be transformed? Or are you in a transition phase (a becoming mother, self-employed, …) and you need an anchor for your soul? You want to give a special person a personal Healing or Power Sound as a gift?


I am offering support for your personal journey by creating a Healing Sound or a Power Sound that is just for you. In a prepared sacred space, I tune in and sound for you. The sounds will work directly and deep in your subconsciousness. They touch the heart, stimulate and enhance the flow of energy, center you and give the soul space to unfold.

The recordings are between 5 and 15 minutes and so easy to integrate into everyday life. You can hear your sound as often as you like. I personally recommend going through a 21-day process with the sound since it takes at least that long to change habits and establish new approaches.

Examples of possible topics for the Healing Sound:

You want to feel secure and centered, you need support for setting boundaries, you want to be able to sleep better, you want to support a special organ or chakra with sound, you want to take better care of yourself, be more gentle with yourself,  live your authenticity, you need support in challenging times, in transition phases, you want to have a Welcome Sound for a newborn, you want to feel connected, centered and powerful, you want to develop self-love, you need support with a dieting process (I did a sound for myself during a fasting cure and it worked pretty well. I felt less hungry, calmer and centered)….

For a personal Power Sound, I don´t need a special topic. I will connect with your higher self to receive a sound that empowers and supports you in your general well being.

Please send me an email including your full name and place of residence and if you wish to receive a personal Healing Sound or a Power Sound. For a Healing Sound, you should describe your topic and add some examples. What would be the best outcome, how would you like to feel if it works out?

For in-depth topics, I recommend at least a complete session either in my practice or via Skype.


I asked Kathleen for support during a challenging professional situation. When I started to work as self-employed, I noticed my old and still current topic "how to set boundaries and not feeling overwhelmed". This did not surprise me, and yet I felt, as already often stuck and helpless. The idea of asking Kathleen for supporting me with a personal Healing Sound came from the desire to be able to "do" something exactly at the very moment when this feeling arose. The idea of having an own "song" which is only for me I liked very much from the start. I have followed the advice to listen to the Healing Sound for 21 days. After a few days, the beautiful song became more and more my very own "soul-relaxation-sound". I need nothing to do but listen and assimilate the sound to make it work. I do not hear it every day anymore, but on other days several times, often in difficult situations. It feels like a conditioning - when I hear it, it relaxes my mind immediately. I can breathe and feel often relieved. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to make life easier.
Kathleen did a Healing Sound for me on the subject of authenticity. I let the sounding rain down on me like a rain shower every morning. My body shook every now and then and also emotions were triggered, which I simply let flow. Every time when I grew small, my back was bent, and I buried my hands in the tearful face, I sensed a feeling behind me that made me stand up and it told me "look, be proud, feel yourself, that's you." I extended my morning routine with the mirror work. And so, during the sounding, I sat in front of the mirror, looked into my eyes, let the emerging emotions flow and felt deep joy. The sounding of Kathleen helped me to initiate a deep healing process, to feel my light and my strength, and to say to myself, "yes, that is me and I am wonderful".
The Grounding Sound has so far been the most important to me. The deep sounds made my feet feel quite heavy and I intensely felt my sitting position. That felt very very good. With the Heart Sound, I felt very light, almost the opposite to the grounding sound. I did also some yoga exercises (simply because I was laying on the floor and it really got me) Afterwards I realised that all the exercises I did help the energy to flow towards heart and throat 🙂 With my personal sound on the subject of rage, the feet became very heavy again and the palms warm. That was interesting. It reminded of the idea to connect firmly to the ground. Maybe this is something I can try in stress situations and during upcoming anger. By the way, I find the screaming sounds - the higher ones- very disturbing. That´s really interesting because when I am angry, I also get loud or shout every now and then. If the twins feel the same it is not really helpful! So far ...
I listened to your sound as soon as I got I sit there and cry because I am so touched. Touched that you took so much time for me, touched that my soul was stroked and lovingly caressed by your actions, touched that there are so many facets and so many possibilities slumbering in me, touched that I was allowed to perceive it right away. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this song, I accept it as a miracle. THANK YOU
I have not heard the music very often, but it came at just the right time and it helped me. I recognised myself, the partial turmoil between grounding and universal dance - portrayed exactly right - I felt deeply touched when I heard the music, the great gift from you for the first time and the times after. I am - sometimes unfortunately - not one who disciplinedly does repetitions for many days as in your recommendation but I feel very precisely when it is "good" and so it was with this powerful music from you. The sounds, tones, explanations helped me a lot in a time of great transformation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!